PAKO BENOIT | freelance

Creative Art Director | Graphic Designer | Web Designer & Photographer


2020 - Present

Remote Freelance | Homeoffice

After discovering the need to be able to help the most needy after a long trip and travel through South America, Peru.

I founded an Organization for Humanitarian Aid which organizes rural tourism trips to Peru, from the Amazon to the Peruvian Andes, survival courses and self-sufficiency (or self-supply) for fundraising.

Since then for fundamental reasons of existence and philosophical principles of life I am still working as a REMOTE FREELANCE (HOME OFFICE) as a Creative Advertising Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Photographer which allows me to visit different points of Peru to fulfill my duties as a human being and in some Occasions visiting and personally getting to know different clients in any part of the world.

2010 - 2018

DibusDesigner | Studio

After several years of experience as a Digital Nomad (Web Design, Graphic Design, Online Marketing, etc) in various places around the World, I finally decided to become a Freelance and opened my first Studio of Graphic and Digital Arts „Dibusdesigner Studio“.

1989 - 2009

Digital Nomad

As a Digital Nomad, I typically work on the go. My workplace was mostly where internet access existed.

Spain, Germany, Perú, France, Austria,…

About Me

Pako Benoit

Freelancer since 1989. Creative Art Director, Advertising Graphic Designer, Photographer, Screendesigner & Webdesigner. I was born on October 17, 1966 in Miraflores, Lima – Perú.

My parents have the Spanish Citizenship. Since my earliest Childhood I love to paint and draw. My life so far has always been influenced by Creative work. Learning the Trade as a Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Photographer has shaped my Creativity in many ways.


1984 - 1989

Institute Of Private Higher Education Toulouse Lautrec

Creative Art Adverstising
Graphic design
Web design
1991 - 1992

Private Art School ESDIP

Comic and General Animated Cartoon


Photoshop 99%
Bridge 99%
Illustrator 51%
InDesign 51%
Lightroom 99%
After effects 51%
Acrobat DC 80%
Dimension 26%
Microsoft Office 51%
WordPress 99%
Elementor Pro 99%
Yoast SEO 75%
Microsoft Word 90%
Social Media 70%
Digital marketing 60%
Html 51%
Camtasia Studio 90%

Other Skills

Creativity 100%
Communication 100%
Time Management 99%
Teamwork 100%
Organisation 100%
Flexibility 99%




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